Tuesday, December 28, 2010

K Maternity Session

Whew!  This is a session from months ago!  Krissi is my best friend from college.  Here she is:

Fiercely stunning, this lady.  This is her while we are relaxing by the pool.

As a gift, she asked if I would take maternity pictures for her and coincide it with her shower so that I could attend.  The catch was that it was at the beginning of August in Phoenix, Arizona. But I love her, so I endured.  I had an idea to use the harsh desert landscape as a backdrop paradox to her photos and the results were amazing!  We were dripping sweat and she wore heeled wedges (she's all kinds of fabulous), but we made it out alive. =)

Lastly, a photo of Krissi with her amazing husband Mike.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Senior Session :: Kaleb

When my friend Arica got married several years ago, she married an amazing man who already had two teenage boys.  In fact, his eldest son was a student of Arica's and thought they should meet. =)  This year, the younger of the two boys is graduating high school and I was graciously asked to shoot his senior photos.

Kaleb, the subject before you, hates having his picture taken.  She told me and he told me several times I think.  Even with that challenge in place, we were able to pull off some fantastic shots.  This first image is Kaleb with his new baby brother, Micah.

On a Personal Note...

Last year, a friend of mine who is also a photographer, took shots of my daughter Eva and I for the Christmas season.  She did an amazing job, but this year I thought I would see if I could manage it by myself first.  Luckily, with the help of a human tripod (in the grouped images) I was able to get the most beautiful pictures of my darling daughter and me.  It was a funny feeling though, running back and forth between my shot and the camera to adjust the settings every so many seconds.

It was a dark, gloomy sort of day; which created the best autumnal ambiance ever.  And thankfully there was no rain in sight!