I'm Marla Misclevitz, a photographer.  Simply Splendid Images is my dream.

Though I always sought refuge in creativity, I never really intended to pursue any sort of artistic endeavor while growing up.  All of my career aspirations were very technical and analytical.  At the top of my list in high school was bio-chemical engineer or child psychologist.  But while in college studying one of these, I felt as if I was drowning.  One day a dear friend asked me, "If you could do anything without regard to sensibility, what would you do?"  The question seemed silly at the time, but I answered honestly with, "I would study art and become a photographer."  That was 11 or so years ago and here I am today, living that dream.

I feel so fortunate that this endeavor allows me to create beauty in the world just the way I see it in my mind; it feeds my soul.  To me, it's imperfect perfection; an ethereal dream; a collection simplistically beautiful moments.  How amazing it is to be able to capture that in image form!

Every time an individual or family chooses me for their custom photography, I do a little dance in my heart.  It makes me sublimely happy to have others entrust me to capture their intimate moments.

My Style

I perform custom portraiture more as a documentarian than anything else.  I intentionally give little instruction in my sessions because I believe that when individuals interact together without someone telling them what to do or how to be, it creates much more genuine photographs.  I love creamy backgrounds, beautiful light, and unexpectedly highlighted details.  Additionally, I really love lens flare.

I strive to offer the best experience possible from beginning to finish.  This starts with consideration of each detail and shooting location; the care and detailed nature in which I edit my photos; and even the professional laboratories I choose to print with.  I wish to offer the best product I can.  I do not offer a cut-and-paste sort of service; to me, it's completely personal.  Each and every client is treated as such.

Contact Information
To set an appointment, I can be contacted by telephone at 503.984.1823.