Saturday, November 19, 2011

oh how I love me some babies! :: newborn portrait

I am the baby whisperer.  This may not be common knowledge but in the last few newborn sessions I've had--baby whisperer, that's me.  I think it must be my calm nature and how much I adore holding a new baby in my arms (and not have to take them home with me of course), the little babies must be able to sense that my arms are comfort-safe-haven-city. This last newborn I had the extreme pleasure to photograph put up a little fight in the beginning; but even he was no match for my baby voodoo magic.  Yes, the heat was set to 80 degrees, and I was using my fancy white noise iphone app, and applying the 5 S's method from The Happiest Baby on the Block to said baby, but I still think it's me. =)

See, this lovely little man was no match.  I won.

Isn't he just gorgeous?!  I just love me some babies.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i heart faces :: black

This week I'm using a photo I shot a while back.  I love the hat here on this sweet little newborn!  So cute and funny at the same time. =)

Other fantastic photos with a "black" theme can be seen at